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Social Media Presence Tool 
he World's Easiest Way to Participate in Social Media"

Social Media Tool to expand your internet presence using video, audio, articles in one format. SMPT will enable you to control your Branding, Business Message.

It will effectively introduce you as a source for your clients and future clients. It will present your testimonials in video and audio. It is simple to use and easy to be applied to social media formats such as facebook, twitter, myspace, yahoo and other social media outlets.

All business need to have a social
media presence

In the world of Social Media there are

a lot of options and technology to get your voice out there.

Most Business do not have the time to

research the best method or how to connect to the best practices
for social media.

The Social Media Presence Tool
Presents a simple and effective method
for social media connection for your Business.

We combine the required media to present your business in a effective and persuading message that can be duplicated on all social media

1st we produce a Internet
Brand Report which will indicate your current presence on the
Internet and also similar names and pictures, events

We combine

Article presentation
Social Media Presence Tool= SMPT

Social Media Presence Tool (video)

Social Media Presence Tool for Realtors

We are very excited about introducing the Social Media Presence Tool The World's easiest Way to Participate in Social Media.
We are doing our relaunch for 05/12/2014 - 05/20/2014 Special Introduction Price of $49.95 for One Full Year.

View the video and make the decision to have the SMPT be part of your social media strategy.

This week Special on the Million Dollar Idea Network Tuesday and Thursday Talking about the Impact of the SMPT on your Business.
Controlling your Image
Controlling your Brand
Getting the Correct Message out
Getting the Best Message Out
Testimonials Speak to your Quality
BAHF Charlie