The Neighborhood Consultant

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The Neighborhood Consultant

The Neighborhood Consultant was created by Social Media Expert Charlie Childs Jr.
He and his staff have reviewed 1000's of networking sites. He has spent over 10,000hrs online reviewing personal,business,corporate and Nonprofit websites

He also has interviewed 200 business owners and professionals about their networking needs and expectations.

He has reviewed 100's of different technologies and services that assist in the networking process.

He has concluded that their are 5 things that should be required of an effective networking organization for revenue to increase.

Networking organizations today do not have the 5 parts needed to have  a successful network.

1)Everybody has to want to work with the other and comfortable referring business to each other.

2)Internal sales in the group.

3)External Sales.
4)The network has to have your best foot forward not just a card but what makes you different from the others.

5)Quantifiable --- everybody has to market the group and see how their sales are affected.

Mr. Childs includes 5 other areas needed to have a successful network

6)A non threatening neutral source that can be used to advertise the group.

7) You have to help the community “ Everybody is taking from the community be that different person that gives back
8)Use Technology to the Max!

9)More Importantly make the technology user friendly to you.

10) Adaptability for technology to work with the network.