The Neighborhood Consultant

The World's First Social Referral Marketing Group

What if you had...

  • A 100 person team to promote you

  • Introduced to 10,000 new people

  • 10,000 text messages sent for the group your in

  • 2,000 Snail Mail Introductions a year to new residents and businesses

  • 1 million email messages sent out promoting the group a year

  • Free Video Email

  • Online Brand Image Creation

  • Internet Brand Report

Community Connection 2 Special programming that takes place in the community to further introduce you to new people, groups and organizations once per month.

Community connection the group selects a nonprofit to be featured in the e-zine they would get their own page------Distribution would also go to this group also.

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Hi my name is Charlie Childs Jr. The Host of The Million Dollar Idea Network Radio Show on Blogtalk Radio. We have over 25,000 listeners that have listened to our M-F morning show.

I would like to invite you to be part of
The Neighborhood Consultant. (The NC)
" The World's 1st Social Referral Marketing Group" This means you would have 50 to 100 individuals and businesses promoting your business or service.

We connect you with the latest social media tools to put your best image forward to the public. Think of
The NC as your local Chamber going warp speed.

  1. We guarantee an increase in your business.
  2. We make Social Media easy for you.